MmmMA R A S ˚

experimental music from Norway/Finland coming to Folkestone

Image by Tina Derakhshan

Image by Tina Derakhshan

Music, soundscapes, installation and performance art. MmmMA R A S ˚ are coming to the Brewery Tap, Tontine Street, Folkestone on Saturday 26th January! Doors open from 7.30pm. This is the first event by L.I.M.E. in collaboration with Uncovered. Tickets begin at £10, see below.

MmmMA R A S ˚ Stem from a Norwegian and Finnish music collaboration that creates soundscapes and visuals aiming to ground and lubricate our Souls. We want to travel with you through feelings, time and imagination. NOW is a place where past, present and future meets. Through presence we`re mixing stories related to us all, earth and NOW. You can find strange stuff like water, air, elephants and other familiars. Our world is a rendition of the well known. Bring yourself and your imagination, we`re bringing the medicine!

We are Marita Isobel Solberg on Vocals and Percussion, Risto Puurunen on Sello and Busuki, Stig Pettersen on Drums and Percussion, Kristin Wensel Ellingsen on Guitars and Vocals and Erik Nilsson on Keys.

David Horn